Value and Production of Jingles and Soundtracks

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Music is an integral part of advertisements and movies. It is essential to the whole marketing package of products, services and the companies which provide them. This is because the businesses want what they have to offer to become part of people’s lives. Sales their goal and net income is the bottom line. They can achieve these with the help of music as it becomes the soundtrack of the most important movie of all, the lives of people.

Importance in Advertisements

 When a product or service is advertised on television, radio and the internet, it comes with audio in which a jingle or a particular song is being played. Depending on the catchiness and dynamics of the video and audio, the advertisement becomes a hit or not. So goes the product or service it advertises. It greatly helps if the song in it is very catchy and highly recallable. Thus, the songs or music in commercials are come up with great amount of effort.

Importance in Movies

The same is true for soundtrack from movies. Film producers want to be artistically acclaimed and commercially successful. Part of the art are the songs and music scores which are put in films. Further, music contributes to how the flick does in the box office. And beyond. If the viewing public love the song sampled in the movie, they would buy the soundtrack. Further, movie lovers would buy home video copies of the film and, again, music is a role player. Even those who are not film buffs love to watch over and over again those scenes in which a song or a remarkable music score is on the background.


Creating music for advertisements and movies starts with the advertising brand or film production outfit approaching a music agency. They either post a project describing genre, mood, instruments, theme and style among many, requests a specific artist they want to work with or request a specific song. The first option is done when the brand, producer or director still does not have a more vivid idea of what specific sound they are looking for. Here, songwriters submit song entries and brands and movie production outfits pick their choice. The second alternative is for those who have already decided which specific artists with whom they want to create music.


Music agencies facilitate brands’ and film outfits’ direct and immediate buying of the rights to the songs from songwriters or, alternatively, the negotiation of such purchase from the latter to the former. They help music users and music creators meet. They facilitate the matching of the two. This industry set up has enabled independent songwriters to get a chance at a market. They simply enlist themselves to agencies and send samples of their music and prospective music buyers will get to hear them.


The industry has already tapped the online platform of doing business. Some online music agencies include Jingle Punks, Pump Audio and Taxi. Getty also offers stock music. YouTube and Vimeo are also selling music. A start-up company called Marmoset Music is banking on its personal connections with indie bands whom they have and continue to envision to help sell out and a focus on filmmakers to complement it to be successful in the industry.

Do you think that custom music production business will continue to be a lucrative business? Will many more songwriters and artists benefit from the industry? Will songwriting and music production become a good full-time occupation to many?

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Learning How to Write a Personal Statement

writing_testTypically, when a person wants to do something excellently, he first needs to learn how to do it. For instance, when one wants to bake a good-tasting croissant, he should first have knowledge of the process of making such product. This is very true when it comes to writing a personal statement, otherwise known as admission essay. Before one could come up with a quality admission essay, he should first learn how to write a personal statement.

Learning how to write this personal statement starts by gaining an insight on this very important piece of writing. One needs first to know what is personal statement and for what purpose it is written.

Simply put, a personal statement is an academic essay. Yes, a personal statement is a short non-fiction piece of literary writing. It is written by an individual who is applying to gain admission at a university or college to study his chosen course or field. The main purpose of the personal statement is to tell universities or colleges about an applicant’s suitability to the course he is applying. A personal statement should be written in a way that it should persuade admission tutors of a university or college to offer an applicant a place in his chosen course. On the other hand, a personal statement has been used for years by higher education institutions to filter in and carefully select qualified and suitable students for their offered courses.

The next step to learning how to write a personal statement is having knowledge of its format or structure as well as its contents. In the United Kingdom, the Universities and Colleges Admission Service or UCAS, has set some guidelines that higher education applicants should follow when writing and submitting a personal statement. For instance, a personal statement should only contains up to 4,000 characters, including spaces, or 47 lines, including blank ones. Likewise, a personal statement should only contain true information about the applicant. A personal statement should also be literate and contains no writing mistakes. Most of all, a personal statement should tell the reasons why an applicant is applying for the course as well as the reasons why he is suitable to study his chosen field.

To better learn how to write personal statements, an applicant may obtain an example from writing services. Read more. A personal statement example is one of the best guides an applicant could get to learn how such document is written and structured.

Writing a personal statement is an easy task if an applicant knows how to write one. Learning how to write a personal statement is an essential step into becoming a student at your chosen university or college in the UK.


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